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DENVER, CO – SEPTEMBER 19: Manager Mike Matheny #22 of the St. Louis Cardinals calls to the bullpen for a right handed pitcher as he visits the mound against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on September 19, 2013 in Denver, Colorado. The Rockies defeated the Cardinals 7-6 in 15 innings. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)



Right around this time last year, the St. Louis Cardinals signed Brett Cecil almost completely out of nowhere. With the ‘closer’ role being made of utmost importance, is there another totally random Brett Cecil-type of signing out there? Here are 6 names to know…

Ever since John Mozeliak revealed that a closer is this offseason’s “top priority” for the St. Louis Cardinals and that that pitcher would “likely come from outside the organization,” rumors have swirled and names have been thrown around.

Will it be Greg Holland? What about Wade Davis? Maybe Zach Britton? How about Roberto Osuna? All are beautiful options but would either require excessive contracts or massive prospect hauls in a potential trade.

So, much like I did just the other day in looking at some under the radar ‘impact bat’ candidates for the St. Louis Cardinals, let’s take a look at some of the other guys out there in the closer market.

Quickly, before I get started with the actual list, I’m intentionally leaving Juan Nicasio off because he is already a prevalent option and doesn’t qualify to me as ‘under the radar’ because he might well be right in the center of the radar, hanging out and having drinks with Greg Holland.

Hamstringing the payroll is never good, but in a time where relief pitching is as important and volatile as its ever been, the Cardinals need to shy away from the big money contracts that Wade Davis and Greg Holland will command and instead look to fill the ranks with relatively cheap, yet quality free agents such as the 5 listed above.

With that now out of the way, here we go.

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MLB Playoffs
MLB Playoffs



The MLB Playoffs continued last night with both LCS’s having games played.

The New York Yankees stunned the Houston Astros as they climbed back from a 4-0 deficit in the 7th inning to rallying to back to win, 6-4. The series is now split at two game apiece and the Yankees victory ensure the series will return to Houston for Game 6.

Meanwhile, over on the National League side of things, the Los Angeles Dodgers continued their dominance over the Chicago Cubs, defeating them 6-1, and taking a 3-0 series advantage.

Game five of the ALCS takes place at 5 today with Dallas Keuchel taking on Masahiro Tanaka.

The Dodgers will look claim the National League Championship tonight as they’ll send Alex Wood to the mound against Jake Arriete with that game starting at 9:10pm EST.

Someone stole the bat from Ken Griffey Jr’s statue outside of SafeCo field, thankfully the police have already apprehended the suspend and recovered the bat
Viva El Birdos, the Cardinals SBN site, looked at the Rays as a potential trading partner
Over at Rays Colored Glasses, they believe the Rays will be making a plethora of off-season moves
Today, you can say you learned that Hawk Harrelson wanted to purchase an MLB franchise and bring it to Tampa Bay in 1990 and he had the ultimate plan to succeed


“We were going to buy all young players, making the minimum and tell the people here in this area what we were doing. This is our plan. And we were going to go with that plan for five years. And then we were going to see where we were after five years. If we made good choices and the players were coming along, we were going to keep it. If they weren’t, we were going to sell it. We had everything all set.”

Speaking of bring a major league franchise to a location, Portland is working to be one of the next expansion sites.

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Alex Claudio
Alex Claudio



Evan Grant, Rangers beat writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered questions about the team in a live chat recently. Here are some highlights:

Question: What is the next step for Nomar Mazara to improve his game?

Evan Grant: He’s had back-to-back 20 homer seasons, but, in this day and age, 20 homers means little. Mazara should be capable of more power. But he also must learn to hit on the road. Over his first two seasons, there is a huge discrepancy between his home and road splits. He’s a .288 hitter at home with a .796 OPS; it drops to .229/.687 on the road. He’s got to be more comfortable in unfamiliar settings. I do feel like the power will come naturally.

Question: Who would you say is the Rangers’ best reliever after Alex Claudio?

Evan Grant: I think Jake Diekman is going to be a dominant lefty next year, but I do wonder if Rangers will try to get him to where he can get 4-6 outs if needed. I think Keone Kela has the ability to be world class. He had a great 2015 rookie season, was injured in 2016 and had to deal with a growth issue in 2017. It’s time for him to really step up. He can do it.

Question: Who do you think is going to be the next Rangers prospect to crack the MLB roster?

Evan Grant: When you say “crack,” I think you mean do something more than just make a token appearance. And under that definition, I don’t think there is any question that it will be Willie Calhoun. I have him penciled in as the regular left fielder in 2018 or, at worst, in kind of a loose platoon there. He did get four weeks in the majors this year, but only 34 at-bats. He’s the next guy with a chance to make an impact. If you mean somebody who doesn’t yet have a major league at-bat, I think there is a chance Ronald Guzman gets some kind of look in 2018

Question: I’ve seen that the Rangers would use Shohei Otani as both a pitcher and hitter. Aren’t NL teams going to have a bigger advantage when it comes to that? And how could the Rangers do that? DH every few days?

Evan Grant: AL teams will have the advantage, unless NL teams are willing to play him in the outfield. He can DH in the AL. Question is: Could he DH all four days between starts or would he need a day of rest after he starts and a day of rest on the day before he starts. It’s an unprecedented situation. It’s going to take some time to figure out.